We understand how frustrating it can be finding exceptional senior and executive talent for your team. Populus has refined the recruitment processes to identify, attract and hire candidates who have the flair, capability and drive to make the difference in your business.

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Research Driven Recruitment


Populus has reinvented the recruitment process

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Populus mission is to understand your business so we can identify, attract and hire your senior and executive talent of people who make a difference, no matter where they’re needed. Our search teams are aligned to an industry sectors to bring together their recruitment expertise and Populus’s proven research driven recruitment process.

Our in-house research department is the bedrock of our delivery methodology, which can be used in isolation for talent mapping and market intelligence, or as a seamless element to the full search process.

In light of the increasing focus on scientific delivery in the recruitment world, the personal service Populus is renowned for ensures we deliver your assignment with care.

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Why recruit with populus?

Populus was founded to challenge the experiences and perception in the marketplace and to deliver real value to our Clients in an honest, open and caring way. Populus has been built on six pillars of behaviours that we are as passionate about today as ever:

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Understand first

Honesty and transparency

Care about what we do

Being the safe hands to solve problems

Commercially focused to deliver value

Being Positive


The Populus way

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Clients tell us by understanding their sector and business, we are always able to identify, attract and hire the right people at the right time and in the right place. That’s how we keep delivering.

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Our 2018 Client review tells us:

We are easy to work with

We take ownership

We really know what we’re doing





Populus Insight

Location, Location, Location!

Too often businesses have told us that their location is hampering the recruitment of senior and executive management.  Factors include – geography, competition, transport, lack of investment by local and national governments, education, historical reputation of the town and rigid use of PSLs. A case in point, several years ago Nestle UK moved their Headquarters from […]

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Team Populus Charity Events 2018

2018 is a massive year for Populus!! So far we are taking part in SIX events to raise money & awareness for the Philanthropic Charity in Middlesbrough. Our events include a bungee jump and abseil off the Transporter Bridge, Tees Pride 10k run, The Great North Run and this November we’ll be taking part in The […]

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What are the 7 common mistakes that are putting off top performers from joining your Company

“Get the right people on the bus….Once you have the right people in place, figure out the path to greatness.” Jim Collins – Good to Great Top Performers Boost Your Bottom Line As you are well aware, your top performers can be the difference between a company that is successful and a company that is […]

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