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Their priority has always been to understand our business drivers then work to deliver a high service model that has added value in each area of the business. - COO Chemical Company

Populus Select Petrochemical team operates as one of the foundation sectors of Populus.  We have an excellent understanding of delivering operational and project professionals across the process industry. Whether in the manufacturing or EPC environment, Populus understand the requirements for office or site-based staff in any location.

With ingrained technical knowledge across the team, we are uniquely equipped to identify standout engineering professionals, project focused, remote location construction managers or high-level management talent Populus have the skills, experience and process to deliver every time.


Global Research Driven Recruitment

Catered to your industry

With the extra dimension of recruiting across international borders, the challenges and complexities of growing your business are amplified. Unknown markets, customs, professional networks, compensation packages, visa’s, contracts, remote locations it all adds to the risk and time to hire. The Populus objective is to absorb these challenges, mitigate the risk and above all make it easy for you to identify, attract and hire your new talent, no matter where in the world you need your game changers. The global networks, systematic processes, knowledge and experience all built and refined over the years can benefit you and your company to make growing internationally a more straightforward reality.

Populus Insight

Case Study: Vale of Mowbray

The Challenge The iconic Yorkshire Pie Manufacturer ‘Vale of Mowbray’ was established in 1728 and started making pork pies in 1928.  It would be a truism to state that any 200-year-old company will have gone through both growth and challenges and Vale of Mowbray is no exception.

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Tea break

Did you know that tea is the leading export crop in Kenya? Our Management Consultant Johnny Fieldhouse, our Food & Drink specialist, recently visited Kenya and got some great insights from growers in the tea plantations as well as the fruit & flower farms.

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Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence comes to Recruitment! A Swedish recruitment agency, TNG, has been using an artificially intelligent robot called Tengai to do test interviews in place of a human recruiter. Starting in May the robotic head  will begin interviewing candidates for real jobs with the goal of eliminating the biases human recruiters bring to the hiring […]

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