Did you know that tea is the leading export crop in Kenya?

Our Management Consultant Johnny Fieldhouse, our Food & Drink specialist, recently visited Kenya and got some great insights from growers in the tea plantations as well as the fruit & flower farms.

At Populus we understand the importance of Britain’s Food and Drink industry. It is our biggest manufacturing sector, employing over ¼ of our workforce and exporting over £30bn annually, and it’s facing both new opportunities and severe challenges in the current political-economic climate. While confidence in the sector dropped significantly last year, UK sales grew, reflecting the turbulent times.

As an integral part of the nation’s food security and of national economic wellbeing, the Food and Drinks sector skills mix is the bread and butter that goes with Johnny’s cup of tea.

  • Despite misconceptions, there is an even mix of skills within the sector – less than 9% of roles are low-skilled. We need to ensure that flow of high-quality roles add to your bottom line.
  • 40,000 of the industry’s ageing workforce are expected to retire in the next ten years. 140,000 new workers are required by 2024 to fill the looming skills gap. How are you equipped to deal with this?
    (Grant Thornton, Industry Review for the Food and Drink Federation, 2018)

With the threats and opportunities that whatever Brexit deal occurs, ensuring you have the right people to fit your strategy, that you understand your market and trends of your customers, and have succession planning in place. Investing in the right hire is fundamental to this process.

So whether it’s thinking about new and emerging markets, for example opportunities in Africa (The UK-Africa trading relationship is estimated to be worth more than £27b), or the changing relationship with existing partners you need a well-researched strategy, supported by data and the people to get you to be where you want to be who are equipped to be flexible in challenging economic climes.

Populus is a global executive search company rooted in the UK market. Our food and drink specialist, Johnny, is here to have a chat about your people needs. He is supported by Research Director, Donna James.
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