Artificial Intelligence comes to Recruitment!

A Swedish recruitment agency, TNG, has been using an artificially intelligent robot called Tengai to do test interviews in place of a human recruiter. Starting in May the robotic head  will begin interviewing candidates for real jobs with the goal of eliminating the biases human recruiters bring to the hiring process. This has been lauded as an example of AI eliminating discrimination rather than amplifying it.

Tengai is being tested on various applicants to ensure that the biases of its programmers are not transferred to her functioning. The designers from Furhat Robotics, an AI startup company, will also have to check Tengai’s algorithms every now and then to ensure biases of its own do not start to emerge – showing that it’s not only humans that take shortcuts.

After initial interviewing, the plan is that Tengai provides a human recruiter with a transcript of candidates’ answers so that they can decide whether to progress the person to the next stage.

Eventually, Furhat Robotics hopes to program the robot to make its own decisions on which applicants should proceed to the next round of interviews

So, it seems that Tengai the robot is to be entrusted with screening/first round interviews but that humans will take over thenceforth. Why is this? Why allow human imperfections at the most important stages of the recruitment process? The answers are straightforward:

  • By broadening the base of candidates with unbiaised screening we are already taking a massive step forward in diversifying our workplaces enabling decision makers to see beyond the usual ‘types’ put before them.
  • There may be ‘soft skills’ that you need in a recruit that are hard for a robot to judge. Does this person see things from a different perspective from the hiring decisionmaker? Yes? That’s great – that’s what we need around the boardroom; around the technical innovation table; around the maintenance response unit. If everyone thinks the same, there will be no progress, no learning from each other. There will be more group think, more mistakes.
  • Artificial intelligence is great but we know that as well as logic and non-prejudiced thinking, a good hire needs to match the EI, or Emotional Intelligence, required in the job for interactions with colleagues and clients.

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Furhat has an English-language version of the robot in development, with plans for roll-out in early 2020.

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