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Do you want guaranteed results that deliver high quality candidates to your project time lines? Please click here and a member of our team will call you to start to understand what's important to you and how we can guarantee those results.

Contact Us

Please call us on 01325 488518. Alternatively you can click here to contact us using our enquiry form and we will endeavor to respond to you as soon as possible.


+44 01325 488518


Our Guarantee

At Populus, our whole culture is based on delivery from taking accountability through to our terms and everything is driven to deliver the best candidates against your requirements.

Are you looking for exactly the right person to fill a key role in your organisation? You have probably tried methods of finding the best candidates, if not this time then on previous occasions. Was it a long, frustrating, expensive process with candidates that just didn’t come up to scratch?

Do you want guaranteed results in the shortest time possible and to only pay for those results? Possibly even fast track results that deliver to your project time lines?

As Research Driven Recruitment specialists, Populus Select is delivery focused. Our clients know that there is a way to access the right people to their time frames, in the right location globally and with guaranteed results or they don’t pay.

Over time we have developed our process to such an extent that we have the confidence to offer a guarantee with every assignment. Delivery is agreed formally in the execution document and if we don’t deliver then you don’t pay, that’s our guarantee.